Residential Spring Cleaning Service | Christchurch & Canterbury

If you are looking for a full comprehensive clean of your home, then check out our Spring Cleaning service. We offer our spring cleaning service with two different options – our ‘Standard’ spring clean and our full ‘Deluxe’ clean. That way you get to choose and select the level of service that best meets your requirements.

We offer an honest, reliable, and professional cleaning service. We have a range of specialist, high reach, exterior cleaning tools, enabling us to quickly and easily clean a single storey home, as well as multi-storey homes.

We recognise that some homeowners just want a full overall no-frills clean, focusing on the exterior of the home, and that’s just where our Standard service will meet your requirements. For those wanting a more extensive level of clean, including a clean of all your interior windows, then our Deluxe service is the perfect solution.

Our service covers all types of exterior cladding, from painted weatherboards through to brick and textured cladding. Most importantly when we are washing the exterior of your house, we use a low pressure water blasting method.


Spring Cleaning Service

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As a pricing guide: Standard 3-bedroom single level home (approx. 150m2), ‘Standard’ Spring Cleaning service

Was $479, Special $419 (incl GST)

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Standard Spring Clean

This service cleans and clears only the exterior of your home.

Services includes:

  • A full clear of your spouting and downpipes of all debris and blockages.
  • Exterior house wash using a low pressure water blaster (or in some cases we may use a soft bristle brush) to remove dust, dirt, grime and cobwebs. During this house washing process we take great care to protect your cladding and paint work.
  • Full cleaning of all your exterior windows, leaving a clean, dry and streak free finish. For all windows within our reach, we use a mop and blade approach. For homes that are two storeys or more, we use a telescopic pole and soft bristle brush head which is fed with deionised / filtered water from our purification system. This ensures a streak free finish.

Deluxe Spring Clean

This service cleans and clears both the interior and the exterior of your home.

Service includes all of the standard service plus:

  • A full rinse out of your spouting using a low pressure water blaster, to check your spouting system is working correctly.
  • A follow-up email with a photo report, showing for each length of your spouting, that it has been cleaned and cleared.
  • Applying a bio-friendly detergent mix to all exterior house surfaces to treat and kill all organic growth such as moss, mould algae, lichen – this helps prevent the return of organic growth for up to 12 months.
  • Exterior and interior cleaning of all windows.
  • Full vacuum and clean of all indoor window tracks.
  • Full clean of window frames using warm soapy water.
  • Clean of all mirrors and glass splashbacks in the the house.

Reliable and professional service by an experienced local team

Maintaining the quality of your paint and exterior cladding

Simple and easy way to complete your annual home maintenance

Affordable rates using quality products and on-site care

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Regions we service | Residential Spring Cleaning

We are based in Christchurch, and we provide our professional spring cleaning service to a large part of the Canterbury region. This includes Christchurch CBD, Kaiapoi, West Melton, Rolleston, Lincoln, Sumner, Banks Peninsula, Lyttleton and Tai Tapu.